Investment Philosophy

Lwazi Capital invests in non-listed companies with established track records and strong management team. Investee companies need to have a clearly defined market position and competitive advantage as well as strong cash flow and/or growth potential.

Lwazi Capital’s investment philosophy is to be in partnership with management and strategic share¬holders.

With access to funding, we are able to successfully secure transactions from beginning to end. Believing in paying fair value for our investments and we are driven by the ethos of partnering for success.

We actively participates in business development, financial planning, review as well as formulation and reviews of business strategy. We view ourselves as a partner in business and not as pure investors/financiers.

We are able to participate in leveraged and management buy-outs and buy-ins as well as providing BEE partnership investments either as part of defensive or expansionary strategies.

Deal size may range from a minimum of R20 million to a maximum of R1 billion enterprise-value. We require representation on the board, as well as having involvement with strategic issues.

We invests in businesses where Lwazi Capital’s management has experience and/or passion for the business. Adding value is a key de¬terminator is identifying business to partner with.